Introducing, Aurora Wandtm:
Vaginal Red Light Therapy for Pelvic Floor Support

The Aurora Wand by Aurora Biophotonics uses red and near-infrared light therapy to support vaginal health, enhance fertility, strengthen pelvic muscles & orgasms, reduce soreness, and accelerate recovery after pregnancy.

Aurora's Wand is Life Changing

Vaginal health can have a large impact on quality of life.

Red Light Feels Good

Red light has been scientifically proven to make you look and feel amazing, and is a large part of why the sun feels so good!For the first time ever, directly promote reproductive system wellness with red and near-infrared light right where it's needed.

Natural Muscle Strength

66% of women experience some bladder leakage, a common problem due to muscle weakness after child birth. You are not alone, and Aurora Wand may help.Red light has been shown to increase strength gains by 64%. Make the most of your pelvic floor training.

100% Natural

Pure deep red and near-infrared light LEDs (50/50 mix). The near-infrared light is invisible to the human eye, which is why you cannot see that every other row of LEDs is also on. Naturally improves blood flow and cellular function by using the best parts of warm sunshine. No UV and no flicker.

High Quality Materials

Hard, clear, thick, tempered borosilicate glass is extremely tough and has excellent transparency in the red and near-infrared range. An ultra safe high power USB level cable powers the device (Batteries don't provide enough power for effective results). Just under 1.5 inch diameter (4.7 inch circumference), about 7.5 inches long. 4mm thick walls for a massive safety factor.

Scientifically Validated

Research has shown red and near-infrared light therapy works, without the risk of side effects. The safety of red light is well established across - thousands of peer-reviewed studies.Red and near-infrared light therapy has shown significant promise for dramatically increasing fertility, supporting pelvic floor, helping post-pregnancy, and improving vitality at the cellular level within the mitochondria.

- In a group of >700 women with severe infertility, >21% achieved successful pregnancy following near-IR light therapy.- Mechanism of red light therapy on fertility- 10k vaginal rejuvenation surgeries yearly in US at about $5k each (surgery is big business)- The Rationale for Photobiomodulation Therapy of Vaginal Tissue for Treatment of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: An Analysis of Its Mechanism of Action, and Current Clinical Outcomes- Irradiance transmission data in vaginas- 15% of women have pelvic pain and PBM helps- Post-menopausal women sometimes need panty liners due to poor urinary control.- One third of women will experience some degree of anterior vaginal prolapse in their lifetime- There are 200k Colporrhaphy surgeries in the US each year at a cost of about $8k each.- 3.6m pregnancies per year in the US

Q: Is the Aurora Wand only for women experiencing vaginal health problems?
A: Not at all. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of red light, which supports cellular health at a mitochondrial level.
Q: Will this allow me to enjoy pain free sex?
A: The Aurora Wand is not a medical device, and while it may support recovering and relaxation, we advise you to consult with a medical professional if you have medical concerns.
Q: How long should I use the Aurora Wand?
A: Based on dose-response curves for red and near-infrared light, even a single minute a day may be enough for some people, while others may find greater benefits at 5 minutes. We suggest not using for more than 15-20 minutes daily due to the biphasic dose response curve (too much starts to detract from possible benefits).
Q: Will this help tighten my vagina?
A: While we cannot explicitly claim that Aurora's Magic Wand helps with vaginal tightening, red and near infrared light has been shown to increase the strength gains of muscles with exercise.
Q: How does this compare to other devices?
A: This is the only consumer device offering clinical grade laser power of 15 watts. Other devices have 5-30x less power, and often cost twice as much. Light therapy is all about number of photons, so more power turns into how much you value your time (within thermal constraints): you might not want to use the device for an hour or two to get the number of photons you want. LEDs only became affordable in the past 15 years, and when we noticed no one had bothered to make a powerful enough vaginal device, it was clear we needed to do it.
Q: Does your company have expertise with building LED light therapy products?
A: Yes, we have built the leading and only ultra-high power compact red and near-infrared light device, the Ironforge, under our affiliate brand Chroma.
Q: Can I use the Aurora Wand for regular red light therapy?
A: Yes, the device has more power than most face masks for skin beauty and this device can be waved in front of the face and around the body. Moreover, the device can be inserted orally and there is extensive research around the use of photobiomodulation in dental/oral applications.
Q: Does the Aurora Wand heat up?
A: The Wand is quite powerful, with 15 watts of light so it can get warm. If it gets too warm for you, you can simply stop using it, turn it off, or turn the switch to the low setting, which has 3x less power. It will eventually get hot since it is fairly powerful, so best to not leave inserted overnight or when taking a nap.
Q: Is the Aurora Wand a medical device and can I use it to treat [insert thing your interested in]?
A: In accordance with FDA guidelines, the Wand is a wellness device and is not meant to cure or treat any disease. Always consult with medical professionals if you have a medical concern.

Our Customer Feedback

Aurora Biophotonics is focused on providing an effective experience that works for everyone.Thank you to those who gave feedback during our pilot program!

"That is actually so sick and brilliant!""I love the gentle warmth""Since my son was born, things have been a little different down there. Looking forward to the effects over the next few months!""Lmaoo, red light therapy has evolved. This thing is great.""My guy finds it to be a fun addition to our time together.""Omg yes! I didn't know before, but this is exactly what I needed.""This is a great product for ladies who live in an apartment who can't sun their lady parts outside. I like to use it before my kegel exercises."

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